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Opera Internet Browser v10.51

25 марта 2010. Разместил: Agri
Opera Internet Browser v10.51
Opera Internet Browser v10.51

Opera - мощная бесплатная программа предоставляющая множество удобных функций для навигации в Интернете. Сегодня это уже не только браузер, но и большой набор других полезных сервисов и услуг, среди которых можно выделить отсылку и получение электронной почты, загрузка файлов, доступ к ftp-серверам, ведение списка контактов и другое... По результатам независимых тестов Opera считается одним из самых быстрых браузеров.

Changes since Opera 10.51 (with Opera Widgets for Desktop)
User Interface:
- Drag and Drop not working in some instances
- Deleting a bookmark closing/collapsing all folders
- Focus being lost when deleting bookmarks
- Integrated search performing searches in Google and not in the page
- The Opera O menu button reappearing when the Menu bar is enabled
- The Opera icon remaining in the system tray after closing Opera
- Minimized tabs not displaying after a restart
- Favicon not being added to Bookmarks due to a question mark in the filename
- Individual characters in Chinese text being rotated anti-clockwise
Mail, News, Chat:
- A problem occurring when right-clicking entries under "All messages" and selecting Compose
- Chat notification appearing if a chat tab is active
- Ghost e-mails appearing in the Trash folder after emptying it and restarting Opera
- Message not loading when it is deselected and selected again
- Mail being blank when using fit to width
- Attached files not being sent if mail is sent immediately after attaching them
- Opera Mail welcome e-mail message not being localized
- The text part of HTML e-mails missing the reply character " > " for block quotes
Display and scripting:
- Numerous improvements to the Carakan javascript engine
- cons missing from menus in 16-bit color mode
- Slow scrolling performance
- Incorrect font used for a UTF-8 encoded page without the language (CJK) being specified
- Fixed an issue where the HTTP Content-Length header could be used to execute arbitrary code;
- Fixed an issue where XSLT could be used to retrieve random contents of unrelated documents, as discovered by crazypops;
- Cookies received over NPAPI being incorrectly parsed
- Reverted the blocking of third party cookies by default
- Opera sometimes storing a cookie for the domain it came from, rather than the set domain

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